The Steering Committee and Action Group serve the governance function for the group.

The Steering Committee provides strategic direction and oversight to the STH Coalition and in conjunction with the Action Group serves as the governance structure of the Coalition. Responsibilities include (1) Provide strategic direction and guidance to the secretariat specific to STH Coalition activities, priorities, and strategies; (2) Engage representatives of STH endemic countries to serve on the Action Group; (3) Liaise with key technical partners such as WHO on the work of the Coalition; (4) Review, make recommendations, and approve the STH Coalition work plan; and (5) in concert with the Action Group, amend the Bylaws and approve dissolution of the Coalition.

The STH Coalition Action Group provides leadership to approve, oversee, organize, and provide support to implement the activities of the STH Coalition. In addition, this group fosters cross-sector coordination, supports fundraising and resource mobilization for STH control, and tracks progress towards STH Coalition milestones.

The STH Coalition is committed to a world where children are healthy and able to reach their full potential.