CWW identifies, collects, curates, and disseminates data related to STH and the larger neglected tropical diseases (NTD) community. 
Knowledge Management
All four of CWW's pillars are interconnected. Our knowledge management work directly supports the other three core areas. Knowledge management distills the immense amount of available information on STH to make it easily accessible to partners. Our work identifies key programmatic and technical issues to enable action in addressing them.

Hundreds of organizations are involved in research on and implementation of STH control activities. Effective, evidence-based control efforts rely on quality research and effective dissemination and synthesis of results. Implementers, including STH Coalition members, are working in over 90 STH-endemic countries. Only if partners understand the work of others can we have a global impact. CWW connects existing data with those who need them. 

We provide curated information about STH, including best practices for use in the field. We continue to create tools to enable our partners to better organize and share information about STH control. 

STH By The Numbers: NTD Plan Of Action 

STH By The Numbers: May16