May 11,2017

Uniting to Combat NTDs Selects STH Coalition Member for Leadership Award as Part of Women in Focus Awards

Children Without Worms and STH Coalition congratulate Dr. Edridah Muheki, the recipient of the Leadership Award which is a category of the Women in Focus Awards. She received the award during a ceremony held at the April 2017 Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTD) Summit in Geneva, Switzerland. Among her many contributions to NTD control and elimination, Edridah serves as a country representative for the STH Coalition’s leadership body.


The Women in Focus Awards cover four categories and the Leadership Award is dedicated to Dr. Likezo Mubila, a woman who devoted her career to fighting NTDs. Dr. Mubila was a strong and resourceful leader in the field who left a legacy of outstanding field work, academic achievement, and scientific contributions to addressing lymphatic filariasis, soil transmitted helminthiasis, and schistosomiasis. The Leadership Award is for women working at the health center, sub-national, or national level who have consistently demonstrated exceptional service towards NTD control or elimination.


Edridah has advanced the NTD field for over 20 years. She currently serves as the acting Assistant Commissioner for the Vector Control Division, Ministry of Health Uganda, prior to which she spent 17 years as an entomologist with the ministry. Under her leadership, Uganda became one of the first countries to integrate disease-specific programming approaches for the various NTDs endemic to Uganda. This innovation enabled better leveraging of resources and improved program effectiveness.


She is known for her inclusive management style and open door policy. She was nominated for the award by her colleagues, who report that she seeks to ensure opportunities for more junior staff members so that they too can build their careers and apply their skills across Uganda. Edridah often works in remote Ugandan communities, and her top priority is always the health of Ugandans.


In addition to her leadership roles at the Ugandan Ministry of Health and STH Coalition, she serves as a WHO advisor for Ghana and Eritrea. 

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