May 31,2012

Uganda: Information, Education and Communication is Key

Ugandan BoyIn Uganda, the Ministry of Health is focusing on education and communication about STH control and prevention. Learn more about their activities and how they are working with CWW to publish and distribute some of these materials.

The Bilharzia and Worm Control Program of the Ugandan Ministry of Health has created a cartoon strip to educate school-age children on how to prevent STH infections. It provides concise and relevant information in a format that is entertaining to children and invites discussion in the classroom. Children Without Worms has provided funds to the Ministry of Health to support printing of 15,000 cartoon strips (the Schistosomiasis Control Initiative supported the initial design and development of the cartoon strip). The goal of the Ministry of Health is to mobilize resources to produce enough cartoon strips for distribution to all schools in disease-endemic areas.

Children Without Worms is also working with the Ministry of Health to produce a brochure to advocate for comprehensive control of STH infections. The brochure will include information about the transmission, treatment, and prevention of STH infections. The messages will be targeted to NGOs, faith-based organizations, bilateral organizations, and other development partners sponsoring hygiene education and water & sanitation activities in Uganda to promote collaboration for sustainable control of STH infections.

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