August 02,2015

STH Coalition Contributes to ‘Green’ Rating in London Declaration Scorecard

The Uniting to Combat Neglected Tropical Diseases third progress report included a revised scorecard showing indicators and milestones for 10 NTDs. STH moved from yellow to green – meaning that we are now on target to meet the World Health Organization (WHO)’s roadmap targets for STH control. According to the report, “Coordination of partners as a result of the STH Coalition and the improvement in resources and coverage are the main drivers for moving to green.”
The report concluded that indicators are strongest for NTDs where there is an organized community of partners supporting a disease area – and weakest in disease areas where there isn’t an organized community of partners.
As reported in the May 2015 issue of the Quarterly Dose, CWW engaged the STH Advisory Committee and members of the STH Coalition to develop STH indicators that were submitted for the London Declaration scorecard.

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