February 10,2014

Launch of New Learning Tools on WASH and the Neglected Tropical Diseases

washntd manual

To promote increased collaboration between the water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) and neglected tropical disease (NTD) sectors, a new set of tools is now available to provide WASH practitioners with information about how their work prevents NTDs. The toolkit is comprised of country-specific manuals, an e-course, and a dedicated website available at www.washntds.org.

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A set of new tools--a manual, an e-course, and a website--is now available to practitioners in the water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) sector to promote increased collaboration to combat neglected tropical diseases (NTDs). Children Without Worms, the International Trachoma Initiative, Emory University’s Center for Global Safe Water, CARE, WaterAid and WASH Advocates collaborated to develop these tools with support from the SightSavers Innovation fund.

“WASH and the Neglected Tropical Diseases: A Manual for WASH Implementers” is intended to serve as a practical guide to WASH practitioners working to implement, support, and sustain WASH interventions at the country level. This manual will equip WASH-implementing organizations with the knowledge they need to target their interventions to NTD-endemic communities; to engage in and promote collaborative monitoring for NTD-specific health outcomes; and to communicate the impact of WASH on the NTDs for the purposes of advocacy and policy change.

The manual can be downloaded today at www.washntds.org. Approximately 70 country-specific manuals, which will be available by April 2014, will enable WASH implementers to easily access the most relevant information about the NTDs endemic in their countries of practice, including NTD prevalence maps compiled from the Global Atlas of Helminth Infections and the Global Atlas of Trachoma.

An e-course on WASH and the NTDs was piloted in late 2013 which provided participants working in the WASH sector with an in-depth understanding of the impact of WASH on NTDs and the knowledge necessary to enhance their collaboration with the NTD sector. Almost 80 participants from 26 WASH-related organizations working in 20 countries participated in the pilot version of the course. A self-facilitated version of the e-course will be launched in 2014 through www.washntds.org.

For more information about WASH and the NTDs, and to download “WASH and the Neglected Tropical Diseases: A Manual for WASH Implementers”, we invite our readers to visit www.washntds.org.

A press release from SightSavers about this project can be read here.

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