October 03,2018

CWW is Seeking a Training Development Consultant

Services. The Request for Consultancy (RFC) covers the provision of technical assistance to help develop training materials for national soil-transmitted helminthiasis (STH) control programs. The training materials will cover data collection using a population-based survey methodology. The survey is a program monitoring tool. The Contractor will perform the Work described herein for and with the Task Force for Global Health’s Children Without Worms program (CWW). A detailed description of the work to be undertaken by the consultant is described in Annex 1.

  1. Application. To apply, submit an application consisting of the following:
    1. A narrative explaining how the applicant’s skills and experience fit the position requirements (two-page maximum);
    2. Cost estimate
    3. A current resume including a description of recent related work; and
    4. Three (3) professional references from current or past clients/supervisors.

Please submit the application (and any questions) to the following address. Applicants are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

Alex Jones

Deputy Director, Children Without Worms, The Task Force for Global Health

Email: ajones@taskforce.org

  1. Nature of engagement. The engaged party will serve as an independent contractor. Once signed, the consultancy contract will not create an employment relationship between the Contractor and the Task Force for Global Health. 
  2. Engagement term. 8-12 weeks; Term will be agreed upon and stated in the contract.
  3. Deliverables.
    1. Training manual
    2. Test to confirm trainee competencies
    3. Training schedule
    4. Any agreed-upon supplementary teaching aids or tools.
  4. Honorarium/Payment. Hourly rate. As part of the application, the Contractor will provide their hourly rate and estimate the number of hours needed to complete the work as described in Annex 1.
  5. Requirements.  


  1. At least six (6) years of experience in training development including the design of training materials and participatory educational tools. The consultant should have experience designing and using such tools.
  2. Experience providing training support for global health programs. 



Statement of Work



Currently, there are 103 countries requiring national-level control of soil-transmitted helminthiasis (STH). A global campaign to control STH has been ongoing for approximately ten years. That campaign has led to the provision of deworming medicine to hundreds of millions of children worldwide. Generally, the impact of those treatments is not well understood.

In 2017, CWW and partners developed and piloted a population-based survey methodology, the Integrated Community-based Survey for Program Monitoring (ICSPM). The ICSPM is intended as a program monitoring tool for national STH control programs. Specifically, it has the following objectives:

1)Provide statistically valid district-level estimates of STH prevalence and intensity of infection. Prevalence of disease and intensity of infection are specific to and representative of key STH at-risk age groups.

2)Validate program reported preventive chemotherapy (i.e. deworming) coverage.

3)Assess potential factors affecting STH infection rates including sanitation coverage and specific hygiene-related behaviors.

The Contractor will develop training materials for national STH control program personnel (herein, “the Work”). The materials will be used to train program personnel to effectively and efficiently conduct data collection using the ICSPM methodology. The TFGH will provide the Contractor the survey protocol and existing module-specific training materials (e.g. PowerPoint presentations). 

The target audience for the Work is national STH control program personnel. They will have a solid understanding of public health, but may not be well-versed in population-based survey methodologies. The trainers who are conducting the training of said national STH program staff members will be well-versed in the survey methodology, but they may not be experienced in conducting trainings.


To support the program monitoring efforts of national STH programs, CWW seeks an expert (“Contractor”) to conduct the Work. The Work will consist of the following deliverables:

  1. A written training guide for training of ICSPM survey teams. Deliverable #1 will concisely describe classroom and practical exercises and training sessions covering the ICSPM implementation methodology. The guide shall, to the extent reasonable, focus on practical, hands-on learning. The guide shall be in English and will eventually be a pdf document hosted on the CWW website. The Contractor will provide the written guide in MS Word format. Sections to the training guide will include, but not necessarily be limited to, the following:
    1. Training and survey logistics; survey pre-planning
    2. Community mapping and using survey segments
    3. Enumerating households (practical exercise)
      • Using household sampling interval list
    4. Using electronic data collection questionnaires on Smartphones or tablets.
    5. Conducting household visits (practical exercise)
      • Enrolling participants
      • Administering household questionnaire
      • Administering individual questionnaire
      • Stool specimen collection
    6. Lab diagnostics
    7. Data checks
    8. Frequently Asked Questions
  2. Sample training schedule/timeline
  3. Evaluation tool(s) for ensuring that:
    1. Trainees have sufficient understanding to effectively conduct the ICSPM; and
    2. Areas for improvement of the training are identified. 
  4. Any additional agreed-upon teaching aids for the classroom and practical sessions. 

Please click here for a downloadable document version of the Request for Consultancy

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