January 30,2012

CWW joins partners to support London Declaration on NTDs

1/30/12 - CWW joins partners for the London Declaration on NTDs, a historic public-private effort to control or eliminate 10 NTDs by 2020.

On January 30, Children Without Worms (CWW) attended the London Declaration on Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) to lend support for accelerating progress towards the control and elimination of 10 NTDs by 2020, including soil-transmitted helminthiasis (STH). During the London Declaration, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Health Organization, pharmaceutical companies, the World Bank and other multilateral development agencies, governments and non-government organizations (NGOs) pledged to work together to combat these diseases, which affect 1.4 billion of the world’s poorest people.

During today’s London Declaration, CWW’s pharmaceutical partners Johnson & Johnson (J&J) and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) committed to extending their combined annual donations of 600 million deworming treatments for school-age children at risk of STH through 2020. Both companies are also supporting the fight against STH and other NTDs through initiatives such as supporting research and development, including a commitment to explore the sharing of compounds and knowledge amongst pharmaceutical companies in order to generate new drugs for NTDs.

In addition to the contributions of pharmaceutical companies, governments and multilateral organizations extended their commitments to combating NTDs. The London Declaration comes a week after the announcement by DFID of a four-year, $307 million commitment to NTDs that will provide treatments for 140 million people at risk of NTDs. USAID announced an $89 million appropriation by the US Congress to strengthen drug delivery and distribution programs. The World Bank will provide increased financing and technical support to build community health systems for integration of NTD elimination and control strategies. Finally, the WHO released a roadmap that outlines its goals and objectives for the enhanced control, prevention, elimination and eradication of neglected tropical diseases. These commitments, along with the guidance from the WHO’s roadmap, will strengthen the capacity of countries to combat diseases such as STH and other NTDs and take full advantage of the expanded donations of drugs provided by the pharmaceutical industry.

CWW is proud to be a part of this historic moment in the fight against NTDs. CWW’s staff looks forward to working with our many partners in the global fight against STH and NTDs in the years leading up to 2020.

For more information on the London Declaration, visit these links:
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