August 19,2016

Call for NNN Vice-Chair Nominations

Nominations for NNN Vice-Chair


The Executive Committee is accepting nominations for Vice-Chair of the NTD NGDO Network (NNN).  The Vice-Chair will serve one two-year term and then move to the position of Chair and then Past-Chair.  Each term is for two years.  The Vice-Chair will support the Chair and other members of the Executive Committee to execute their roles and responsibilities as outlined in the NNN Terms of Reference. It is important to note that the NNN Chair and Vice Chair are not responsible for hosting or funding the annual meeting. 

Candidates for Vice-Chair should:

1.       Be an employee of an NGDO recognized as a member of the NNN (see membership on the NNN website).

2.       Have the support of their employer to carry out the roles and responsibilities of Vice-Chair

3.       Be able to attend NNN annual meetings and participate in monthly Executive Committee teleconferences 


To submit your nomination for Vice-Chair, please provide the following to

1.       Your name and the name of your NGDO

2.       The Nominee’s name and the name of their NGDO

3.       A brief bio of the Nominee

4.       Confirmation that the Nominee has agreed to be a candidate for Vice-Chair


Elections for Vice-Chair will be held during the NNN Annual Meeting plenary, September 29-30, 2016, in Washington DC.  Each member organization will have one vote.

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