July 17,2017
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June 27,2017
CWW is hiring a Program Associate. Find the job description here. Interested applicants should apply through the Emory University career website and search for job requisition # 72880BR. 
May 8,2017
The Request for Consultancy (RFC) covers provision of technical assistance to the Task Force for Global Health’s Children Without Worms (CWW) program. Services will improve technical and management capacity of national soil-transmitted helminthiasis (STH) control programs to deliver a comprehensive package of interventions with full coverage of at-risk populations. Read the Request for Consultancy here. 
April 10,2017
Participants of the second annual STH Coalition Action Group second, held in February 2017, identified 2017 Coalition focus areas including: robust monitoring of drug treatment coverage and disease prevalence and intensity of infection; and expanded access to quality generic drugs. Participants recognized the recent increases in drug coverage globally and the important reductions in disease resulting from preventive chemotherapy. These achievements are causes for optimism as we approach the 2020...
April 10,2017
Note: Dr. Addiss is the former Director of Children Without Worms and has long explored and written about the emerging field of ethics in public health. The term global health refers to a long list of issues, dozens of disciplines, innumerable ideas. But to David Addiss, one theme has gone conspicuously missing from the global discourse on global health -- “compassion.” Several years ago, the medical epidemiologist and recently departed director of CWW set out to explore the role of compassi...
April 10,2017
Global STH control: at a crossroads For more than a decade globally, programming to control of soil-transmitted helminthiasis (STH) has rightly focused on preventive chemotherapy with great success. Indeed, we’re pleased that the global community is on track to reach the World Health Organization (WHO) target of treating 75% of at-risk children with anthelmintic drugs by 2020. However, the number of endemic countries which are unlikely to reach the 75% target is cause for concern and r...
April 6,2017
Key stakeholders in the global fight to eliminate intestinal worms as a public health problem will now emphasize measuring disease levels to track the program impact. This shift is a result of an agreement advanced at the STH Coalition’s Action Group annual meeting, held in February. Mass drug administration (MDA) with deworming medicines has reduced the global burden of intestinal worms. Drug treatment coverage rates have been the traditional measure used to track programs in endemic countri...
March 7,2017
Women and girls line up during a mass treatment campaign for NTDs in Nepal.  Photo credit: Louise Gubb/RTI International Kalpana Bhandari's  work at ENVISION  describes her personal experience with roundworm as a small child living in a village in Nepal.  Kalpana shares the story of her aunt, Ganga Acharya, and her work as a community health volunteer at the center of Nepal's fight against NTDs. In Nepal and around the world, Bhandari credits the enormous...
February 27,2017
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